Here is the line work.  I  decided to jump on into the the shadow areas.  I went real dark right from the start.
Normally, I do all the light tones, then the midtones. then the dark areas.  It would resemble a polariod picture.  But this time I  just completed areas and moved on.
Working on more of the gun and dark areas.  All those little parts are time consuming.
Paying attention to the details, I look into the shadow areas to bring out some things you might not see at first.
Bouncing back and forth between fabric and metal.
I decided to get the helmet started.  Really no reason other than it starts bringing it together.
Ok, Boba is done. Now to start the background.
Midtone for the background is done.
Now, for a darker layer to the background. Plus, I went in and hit the darks to give him more contrast.
Now, darken the edges to give it depth. Then on to the highlights on Boba.
And Here's the FINAL!!!

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