Growing up in a lower middle income family, my parents didn't have the funds to send me to an out of state college. So I enrolled in a local Commercial Art School, originally Antonelli Institute Art & Photography and then ownership passed hands my second year and it became Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts. 
Over summer break from art school, I found a job learning screen printing by trade. After graduating, I went back to the school at night to teach night courses part time. While working as a screen printer and artist full time by day. 
I have had the pleasure of doing commercial advertising work for companies like Hardee's (fast food restaurant), various local radio stations and local businesses. I have also worked with some rock bands management, due to working with the local radio stations creating apparel designs for such bands as The Black Crowes. Years later, after the birth of our first daughter, I started my own Imprinted Apparel business in order to make more money to support a family. In which, I still own today. Through ownership, I had complete creativity as my own artist. 
I now, commission myself out as a freelance artist to others printers and larger apparel companies worldwide. I have done apparel designs for MMA Fighters such as Thiego Alves and Donald Cerrone. 
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