Don't Call Me Lawrence
Graphite Drawing by Gary Rudisill
Colonel Joshua Chamberlain of the 20th Maine at Gettysburg

The title came from a famous saying in the movie GETTYSBURG (which was based on the book Killer Angels) Where the character Colonel Chamberlain (played by actor Jeff Daniels) said "Don't call me Lawerence"

Also a little fact about this movie. Originally it was supposed to be called "Killer Angels" and was to be a mini movie series on TNT and toward the end of filming decide to take it to the big screen due to possible acting awards and changed the name to GETTYSBURG to appeal to the masses because it would mislead people to what the movie was actually about. Just for the record the changing of the title was a big mistake in my opinion. I think Killer Angels sound way more awesome and would have gotten so much more attention to people outside of the history buffs. But who am I. (actually i don't remember any of the actors being nominated for any awards for that movie.)
adding the midtones
Cutting in the detail and shadows
The final

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