Shameless Metaphor
Charcoal Drawing by Gary Rudisill
This is the second charcoal of Ireland. They have a lot of old interesting trees in Ireland. Some unique looking trees remain in farmed fields. They are believed to be Fairy Trees and to cut down a Fairy Tree is bad luck. So that's why if you see a farmed land and there is a lonely tree in the middle, its bad luck to cut it down.

Trees in dreams symbolize new hopes, growth, desires, knowledge, and as well as life. To see a bare tree in your dream indicates used up energy. You have put your all into some relationship or project and now are exhausted. Alternatively, the dream signifies the cycle of life or the passage of time.  The use of charcoal creates the illusion of a dream. The birds flying over head, represents the living world.

*Original SOLD from at
or contact Natoma Vargason (301)432-0090 or email
Started with the background. The clouds. Then started forming the tree.
Added more branches.
Finished the tree. added flying birds.
The final.

This is a 14"x10" Charcoal rendering of a landscape in Ireland on Canson Water Color Paper.

*Original is for Sale Framed at or contact Natoma Vargason (310)432-0090 or email

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