The wind is the singer who sang the first song
This is 16"x21" Charcoal illustration on Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

This is the fifth drawing of the Ireland series and the most dearest to my heart. Even though none of the reference pics or model were from Ireland, the inspiration came to me while visiting Ireland.  
This was a trip my wife and I took about 8 months after my father's passing.  He fought esophageal cancer for over a year, with operations and chemotherapy.  As a son, this was a terrible hard thing to watch someone you love go through.  Now, with tears in my eyes as I write this, I feel the need to explain this in the best way.  But this was for my dad, he was my biggest fan.  So here is the story of "Windsong"

Standing outside one night while visiting Malahide Ireland, I noticed how quiet and peaceful the night times were in Ireland. It had been only since February since my father's passing.  It seemed like a slow process watching esophageal cancer drain the life out of him. I had stepped outside of the San Juan bed and breakfast that night to smoke a cigarette.  Everytime I smoked one, I had to stop and think about him.  Each time telling myself, I must quit this aweful habit.  I looked up into the sky to notice drifting clouds and a full October moon. The only sound that I heard was the gentle wisping of the wind.  A memory of my childhood came over me of my parents listening to music one evening as the often did.  The lyrics to John Denver's Windsong ran through my mind.  A song I haven't heard for over 30 years and to still remember the lyrics so clearly, seemed like a sign. I instantly had a feeling as if something or someone was trying to connect with me.   One part of the lyrics that stuck with me was "In your heart and your spirit, let the breezes surround you."
This image of a majestic full moon casting light and creating deep shadows acrossed an open field with a lonely violin player.  She is caught in the moment, playing her song.  It's only her and the gentle breeze on an October night.  It has to be October, all good things are present upon full moon of October.  Or at least I think so.  She is dressed in dark gypsy like clothing.  She plays the violin with her eyes closed. She is one with nature, she is part of the elements.  
This piece took the longest to complete.  I had started and stopped several times due to the overwelming emotions that it took on at times.  This piece from the start was special.  I just didn't know at the time how special it really was, because it was the first real major piece of art I would sell.
This is now owned by someone, who I know loves this and has it hung so she can see it everyday.  She tells me she does everytime I see her.  "Windsong" is now part of the Nora Robert's collection.  This creation that I poured so much into, is now in the best place I could have ever asked. 
From the first time I walked into that little store in Boonsboro, I had this feeling come over me that this town was something special place.  And you know what?  It was. 

I would like to extend a huge thank you to Rebecca Röske for allowing the use of her image.
*Original SOLD from or contact Natoma Vargason (301)432-0090 or email

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